<![CDATA[Sassy Sentiments and Other Random Rants - Blog]]>Tue, 24 Nov 2020 00:45:24 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[Youthful Nonsense]]>Fri, 20 Nov 2020 10:00:00 GMThttp://sassysentiments.com/blog/youthful-nonsenseOne would think the pursuit of youth for those already aged to perfection would be a slam dunk. A little injection here, a little suction there and a touch of color will highlight, or erase, the ever-changing hues in the autumn of our lives. Even a free social media filter works wonders. Easy, right? Augment the obvious with visual improvement and our essence will soar. Life is good! The presentation of youth must be the key to aging with grace. 

Ah, but the Wizard behind the curtain has yet to provide a magic pill for intellectual prowess. Our own introspection yanks the brutal chain of reality once you find yourself in the kitchen with absolutely no idea why you're there. Enhanced beauty or not, now your every thought, decision, morsel of knowledge hangs in the balance. Will it be skillfully filed in your memory archives or liberated into the abyss of who knows where? Is this the personification of the "failing fast" obsession of a youth-challenged generation?

Too many times we compare our failures of the present to our successes of the past. What a ridiculous thing to do. My past successes were almost always couched in the exuberance of youthful innocence. Goals were often set without honest regard to actual achievability, pursued with unfettered passion, and celebrated every step of the way regardless of outcome probability. Nothing was impossible. Every effort was applauded. Ambitions were even modified sometimes to ensure success. What a concept! But as aging complicates the life process, our definition of success rarely adapts to lowered expectations. And so we fail, or at least we believe we fail. What a travesty.

Perhaps age-challenged fools need to lighten up and learn to enhance their souls instead. While souls may benefit from a little focused introspection, the angel wings that allow us to soar, you see, never require augmentation. You just have to learn how to spread them and take flight. Ah, but that is fodder for yet another rant.

<![CDATA[The Joy of Age]]>Sun, 15 Nov 2020 10:00:00 GMThttp://sassysentiments.com/blog/the-joy-of-ageLife is not always about good and evil, right or wrong or just conservative or progressive ideologies. There's always the soft, sweet and maybe quietly fearful reality of a first date and the hard-core kick'em to the curb belly wail of your team's anthem at tournament time. Anyone who remotely thinks that life is just one sweet pursuit of happiness without adversity may be misguided by the sugar-coated rhetoric of RomComs and Hallmark movies. Every aspect of our existence teeters on the edge of easy or hard so delicately that the middle ground seems inexplicably blurred

And then there's age. 

It's a simple, monosyllabic three letter word born of Middle English and Anglo-French origin. Webster calls it the length of time during which a being or thing has existed, a 
period of human life. Age is the consummate example of life in the middle ground blur: highs/lows, ups/downs, happy/sad, good/bad. It's a fragile journey designed to rattle every perception of life's expectations. 

Until you add a "d" at the end. Aged. There is no middle ground. Welcome to a deep-dive into the bowels of purgatory. 

I have found that the "Golden Years" are actually the "Rusted Iron" years devoid of any sign of precious metal. Unless, of course, you revel in the symphony of creaking joints, the feel of thinning hair through your fingers or the bulge of bunions on your feet. 

Alas, however, if there is any salvation in the Golden Years it is found in the unadulterated pursuit of youth. Ah, but that is fodder for yet another rant.