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Make every room reminescent of a Bed and Bath!!!

Sweet Ceramic Bathtub Soapdish
2-Wick, Double Scented Candle

This precious footed bathtub soap dish is 7" long, 3 1/2" wide and just under 3" tall.  It's a gorgeous aqua/sea green color (a bit more subdued than it looks in the photo) lightly speckled with white and black.

I've poured the creamiest of candle wax scented with a Tropical Vacation scent sure to send you dreaming of Pina Coladas!  The scent throw is yummy both cold and when burning...  It's a deep candle - you'll get many hours of scented bliss!  The best part is that when the candle is gone, this precious tub can display anything you want it to - treasured trinkets, sensual soaps or rose petals...


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