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I'm a candle fanatic! I tired quickly of plain jar containers sitting all around my home, so for years I searched for precious new and old collectible containers and poured my own to complement my decorating style.

This is just a great way to add a little sweetness into your decor! I pour the creamiest of candle wax double scented with a full and rich variety of floral, fruity, spicy and theraputic fragrances. Some of these items are ONE-OF-A-KIND vintage containers, already poured and scented, ready to ship. Others are awaiting special instructions to fill your desire for a specific scent.

Click on any item below for a full description.

Heart-Shaped Lead Crystal 3-Wick

Lead Crystal Lidded Bow Candy Dish

Green Vintage Cut Glass 2-Wick

Ivory Ceramic Dish Green/Gold Trim

Vintage Duck and Ducklings Soapdish

Old Woman's Shoe Ceramic Candle

Classic Old Tennis Shoe Candle

Ceramic Clam Dish
3-Wick Candle

Sweet Glass Apple Candy Dish/Candle

Charming Ceramic Starfish Basket

Ceramic Picnic Basket 3-Wick

Vintage Ceramic Pedestal Dish

Glass Shell Dish Candle-Pink or Blue

Oldfashioned AQUA Speckled Bathtub

HUGE 15" Long Victorian Bathtub

Vintage Ceramic Tub w/Spickets

Vintage Old Spice
Mug for HIM!

Ceramic Tub Blue/Mauve Flowers

Ceramic Tub Deep Mauve Flowers

Cherub Tub with Pink Flowers

Mint Green Ceramic Lidded Bunny

White Ceramic Lidded Bunny

Baby Blue Ceramic Lidded Bunny

Set of Four Speckled Eggs




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