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The PERFECT Addition To Any Classy Powder Room!!!

Footed Cherub Bathtub Soapdish
Scented Candle

This sweet piece is whimsical - cherubs just make you smile!  Standing 5" tall this footed old-style slipper tub is 7 1/12" long and 3 1/2" wide with delicate pink flowers on the rim.  Poured as double wick candle, the cherub is perched on the side dangling his feet in his scented bath!

I've poured the creamiest of candle wax scented with a wonderful scent I fondly call "Luscious Linen" (similar to Clean Cotton).  The scent throw is yummy both cold and when burning...  The best part is that when the candle is gone, this precious tub can display anything you want it to - treasured trinkets, sensual soaps or rose petals...


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