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HUGE Footed Bathtub Soapdish
3-Wick, Hand-Poured Candle
--- Double-Scented in Luxurious Lavender ---

This incredibly decadent footed victorian-style claw foot bathtub is a whopping 15" long, over 7" wide and 6" deep.  It's classic white with a lively ivy adorning it's sides. It has a wonderfully flowing shape and is reminiscent of long soaks in a hot tub in the good old days...  This piece is substantial - weighing over 5 1/2 pounds and will provide many, many hours of scented bliss!  Shipping might seem high, but it's an extravagrance that you can find no where else!!!  THIS IS TRULY A ONE-OF-A-KIND TREASURE!  You won't be disappointed!

I've poured the creamiest of candle wax scented with a whimsical Lavender scent.  The scent throw is yummy both cold and when burning...  The best part is that when the candle is gone, this precious tub can display anything you want it to - guest towels, sensual soaps, cuddly teddy bears or fragrant rose petals...


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