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Football Jewelry

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A Dreamy Dish!

Etched Blue Glass Shell Dish
with Hand-Poured Candle!

This sweet little shell-shaped dish measures 6" x 5" and is just over 2" deep.  It's soft pink in color with a frosty etched-like coating on the outside . . . very elegant!  It has quite a large basin - holds nearly a pound of premium candle wax!

I've poured the creamiest of candle wax and scented it with a refreshing Clean Cotton scented oil!  This piece will illuminate beautifully from the candle glow as it burns and will offer pure therapy before or after a busy day!

When the candle is gone, a gorgeous candy dish will remain to hold your most precious trinkets, treasured sea shells or delicate rose petals...

Available in PINK or BLUE - 2-Wick Pour

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