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Old Spice! Manly, Yes! 
But She'll Like It Too!

So . . . does your guy think that candles are just a bit too "whimpy" for him? THIS IS SIMPLY A HILARIOUS way to make him smile and get your way! This vintage, Old Spice Saving Mug tugs can't help but tug on everyone's Old Masculine heartstrings! With its classic tall ship logo it boasts the "Ship Grand Turk Salem - 1786". The mug is 3 1/2" in diameter and is just over 2" deep.

It's the perfect bachelor gift or for the groom-to-be!  It's a perfect engagement gift too!  Surprize them both with "HIS" and "HER" candles!

I've poured the creamiest of candle wax scented with a STRESS RELIEF aromatherapy scent - sure to make him CHILL OUT!  The best part is that when the candle is gone, this unique old mug would look spectacular as a coin catcher or almost anywhere with a small green plant!  It is vintage and in perfect condition!


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