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The ULTIMATE Attention-Getter!

Old Tennis Shoe Candle!

THIS IS SIMPLY A FUN BUT FUNKY PIECE right down to the hole in the toe!  Measuring 10" long with the candle area 3" x 3 1/2", this old tennis shoe will just make you and your guests giggle!  And if they don't giggle, they will most certainly take a second look.  It looks like a real shoe - one you should have tossed out years ago!  Kids would love it in their room!  It would also be great in the family room, a game room, or even to sweeten up the mud room!  it's a substantial piece - weighing just over 2 pounds!

I've poured the creamiest of candle wax scented with a homey RED HOT CINNAMON spice oil similar to Yankee's Home Sweet Home fragrance.  The scent throw is yummy both cold and when burning...  The best part is that when the candle is gone, this unique old shoe would look spectacular as a coin catcher in the kid's room or almost anywhere with a small green plant!





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